Tells in live poker games

Players who are playing in live poker games have quite a lot of advantages over the online players, especially when it comes to the tells. It is easier to spot the live tells since there would be physical reactions that you can spot. These physical reactions may not be very visible to players who are not yet experienced but someone who has been trained well would be able to spot them instantly. In online poker, there are no such physical reactions and so these players would have to depend mainly on their skills and the betting patterns of their opponents. Knowing what each type of physical reaction means in live poker is a good way to know what kind of cards your opponents might have.

Most good poker players are already experts when it comes to hiding their own reactions. When you are playing against a seasoned player, you will have to observe more and catch these signs. At the same time you will also have to be careful and hide your own signs.

Widening of eyes

When the eyes of an opponent widen after the hole cards, this would mean that the player has a monster hand like pocket aces or that there is a potential of a nut hand. If your own hole cards are weak, it is best to fold. If the eyes of the player widen in the middle of the game, he/she would be excited about the cards. Check the community cards and you would be able to assess the potential hand of the opponent. If your own hand is stronger, you can stay in the game.

Raising eyebrows

If the player at the table raises his eyebrows it would generally be a gesture of pleasure and it could be that he may be very pleased with his cards. He might have a hand that is surprisingly strong and it would be best to fold if your hands are not really strong.

Counting chips

If a player counts his chips post flop, then there are high chances that he would have potential strong hand and is evaluating the opportunity to play aggressive during the betting round. If you have weaker cards, it is best to fold.

Checking cards

A player who is constantly checking the hole cards might be someone who is hoping to draw strong cards. He would not have a strong hand at the moment. If you bet aggressively, you may be able to push him out of the game but it is best to do is only if you have a good hand to support it. A player who glances at the board repeatedly would be someone who is disappointed in the round and has not been able to get a good hand during that round.

These were some of the signs that you should be looking for when you are playing live poker as they would give you an insight in the cards of your opponents. You can then use the information to manipulate your opponent.

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