Ted Forrest Biography

Ted Forrest of Poker Stars was born in Syracuse, New York and is an excellent poker player who has been playing at the professional level for over a decade now. Forrest specializes in Stud Poker, but has spent the past decade focusing on Texas Holdem since the action is much more available then in Stud Poker. Forrest gained his reputation of being an excellent poker player after he won three WSOP bracelets in 1993 which is just an incredible amount of bracelets in one year.

Ted’s first WSOP bracelet in 1993 came when he won the $1500 Seven Card Razz event, he followed that win up with a win in the $1500 Omaha Eight or Better and then finally won his third bracelet of the year when he won the $5000 Seven Card Stud Event. After his killer success at the WSOP in 1993 Ted decided he wanted to focus mainly on cash games and he took a break from playing in live tournaments. Cash games offered a much better return then tournaments and it was much simpler for Ted to make his money playing the cash games only.

After years away from PokerStars.net tournaments Ted decided that he would jump back into the circuit to see how well he would fare. Ted ended up winning two more WSOP bracelets in 2004 with one of the bracelets coming in No Limit Holdem and the other in Seven Card Stud. The Holdem bracelet proved to many of Ted’s fans and even himself that he wasn’t just a great Stud player, but that he could hang with the best players in Holdem as well.

It takes a lot of skill, practice and dedication in order to become a formidable opponent in more then one poker game and Ted has managed to master many variations of the game. Forrest is known around the world as being one of the top Stud Poker players in history and lately many people have been listing Ted in the top 50 Holdem players of all-time which is quite the accomplishment.

Over Ted Forrest’s career he has won five WSOP bracelets and finished in the money twenty-one times in only WSOP events. On the WPT Ted has also done fairly well winning one WPT title, making five final tables and finishing in the money nine times. He hasn’t played in the WPT nearly as much as the WSOP which is why his results seem low. Ted has won over $5 million in live tournament events and as I mentioned Ted spent most of his time at the cash tables so you can only imagine how much money he has made from poker.

You can see Ted on TV occasionally and he has made appearances on Poker After Dark and the PokerStars.net National Heads-Up Championship. Forrest is a very straightforward guy and he tells people exactly what he is thinking which is why many people like him so much. Forrest is living in Vegas right now and if you’re down there you can see him most likely playing Stud or Holdem on the cash tables at one of the casinos.