Strategies for No Limit Texas HoldEm Tournaments

Playing poker online or in casino is very different from tournaments. Generally, some of the most popular tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’Em and the format of these tournaments make it all the more difficult to win in comparison to winning casino poker. Given below are a few strategies which you can use during the different stages of the tournament.

Strategies for the Early Stages

During the early stages of the tournaments, such as the World Poker Tour, the focus should be on getting a strong position in the tournament by building up the stack. The best strategy to adopt at this point is by playing solid and patient game. At the beginning of the tournament, the size of the antes and blinds would not really have a major impact on the stack. For this reason you should wait for the right hand and then make the most of it. It is advisable not to play risky game during the early stages of the tournament.

Strategies During the Middle Stages

During the middle stages of the tournament you would have to pick up the speed and play aggressively. The stakes would be rising and the chips would get drained away if you do not get right into the action. At this stage you would have to take more risks. If you have opponents who loosen up at this stage you should play conservatively.

Strategies in the Last Stages

Only those who have managed to increase the size of their stack would have managed to get to the last stage of the tournament. When the prize is just a few places away you should pick up your speed again if you have a medium size stack. However, if you already have a huge stack, greater than most of your opponents you should just play passively and watch as the other players get knocked out. In most cases it is wise to only against players who have smaller stacks since they would be the ones who would be afraid of getting knocked out of the game. Unless you have a very strong hand you should stay clear of opponents with large stacks.

If the tournament is coming closer to the end and if you still have a small stack then you would need to take risks. You would not have the time at this stage to wait for a strong hand. You would have to get involved in the action otherwise the larger stack players would bully you and your stack size will keep diminishing. The best thing to do would be to play aggressively at this point of the tournament. This would mean that you should bet and raise instead of calling and if at all you have a strong hand you would have to make the most of it.

Tournament playing is quite different than playing poker in casinos and for that reason you would need to have a different game plan and would have to use different strategies to win.