Know Your Opponent While Playing Poker Games Online

The main disadvantage when you play online poker is that it’s more difficult to read opponents. However, there are a few basic tells that you can use for online play. A “tell” is mainly a thing or pattern which an opponent will do that give hints as to what type of hand he or she has. This is a very main factor, as it can help you decide whether or not your opponent really has that third Ace, or if they’re just bluffing. You can find more information at

When a player goes on tilt, they are basically permitting their emotions to get the best of them. Going on tilt is simply when a player starts betting on poor hands, and just playing badly in general. This generally happens after that player has taken a few losses and is now just glumly playing along with a losing mentality. There is no place for emotions in poker, whether it’s online or offline. If you let emotions take control, your game will reduce to the point where you’re just throwing money away. Good ways to tell if someone is on tilt is if they begin showing their losing hands, as if to say “I had a great hand until you got lucky on the river, I just can’t catch a break”.

If a player is taking more time to decide, especially in no-limit or pot-limit games, it usually means that he or she has a marginal hand and is not sure whether or not they should bet on it. However, if they take a while to decide and then they bet, it usually means they have a good hand and were simply trying to deceive you, or they were deciding what amount they should bet. In short, if they call after a delay, they usually have a weaker hand, or most likely some sort of a draw. If they raise or bet, however, they probably have a good hand, or else they’re being very bold and trying to bluff you.

Online poker rooms such as PlaySolidPoker Italia allow you to use things called “auto-buttons”. Basically, this allows you to check what you want to do before it’s your turn in the betting round. Avoid using these as they don’t give you much of a benefit, but they may be a tell to your opponents or you may click the wrong thing and wind up folding a good hand. However, if another player uses them, it can be a great way to tell how strong their hand is.

If everybody either checking or calling, and somebody near the end of the betting round (or the very end) raises, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she has a good hand. It could be an attempt to steal the pot. You will need to decide for yourself, but if you think that is what the player’s doing, try raising him back. If he calls, you will know he isn’t quite as confident in the strength of his hand as he’d led you to believe. If we know our opponents mentality and the cards they have we can win easily by the methods mentioned above.