Basic Information about High Speed Modems

The term high speed cable shouldn’t be an unfamiliar one, it seems like every other commercial that plays on television or radio is promoting a different high speed internet cable company. Just because the term is familiar, doesn’t mean that everyone completely understand what high speed cable is or how to get it.

How the High Speed Modem Works

The term high speed cable refers to a type of specialized service that allows a customer to get their cable television and their high speed internet from the same source. The feat is made possible with the help of a coaxial modem. If you are a cable customer, you should already be familiar with the coaxial modem. It is the same thing that has been providing your cable signal for years.

The reason that cable companies are able to provide both cable and internet is because the coaxial cable/modem is designed to store large quantities of data. Inside the high speed modem there is a device called tuner which receives the internet signal, separating it from the cable signal. The tuner beams the internet signal to another part of the modem called the demodulator which converts the signal and transfers the data to a format your computer understands. The same process happens in reverse when you are sending information from your computer.

The Perks of the High Speed Modem

Even though the cost of getting your internet through a high speed modem is usually a little more expensive than other types of internet service, most customers feel that the additional cost is worth while. The biggest advantage to cable internet is that it doesn’t rely on a land line telephone. Not only does this mean that you no longer have to worry about missing calls, you also don’t have to worry you are missing an important call. The second advantage to using a high speed modem is that the data is sent to your computer at high speed, the days of sitting around waiting for a page to load will be nothing more than a distant memory.

How Much Does a High Speed Cable Modem Cost?

One of the biggest reasons people baulk when it comes to getting a high speed cable modem is the cost. A quick scan of internet providers quickly shows that the average cost of a high speed cable modem can be as much as $350. When compared to the fact that the same item (which was actually inferior) was approximately $20100, $350 seems reasonable, but during these tough economic times an extra $350 can be hard come by. Most of us don’t realize that we probably won’t have to purchase a high speed modem at all, most internet companies have deals where customers can rent the modem, often for as little as $10 a month. Other companies factor the price of the modem into your monthly internet bill and will give you a modem as part of your internet package.