How Fantasy Sports Have Changed in Recent Years

Without question, fantasy sports have entered the mainstream and the industry is still in a growth phase.

Fantasy sports have been around in some capacity since the end of WWII. Once “Rotisserie League Baseball” was invented there was a huge surge in the number of people playing fantasy sports in the 80’s. Today, we’re seeing exceptional growth due to DFS.

In recent years, thanks to sites like PromoCodeFantasySports,  fantasy sports have taken the world by storm. Daily fantasy sports are the new rage and if you haven’t heard about the thriving industry you must be living under a rock. DFS have received a ton of media attention for a multitude of reasons.

Did you know that roughly 41 million people play fantasy sports? Of that number, about 3% are playing DFS contests already and the crossover continues to grow. We’re seeing the industry quickly change, as more and more sports fan prefer playing DFS.

Season long leagues have a lengthy commitment, provide no instant gratification and require more luck than DFS. Players are not only changing the way they play fantasy sports, but the way fans consume sports is also changing at a rapid pace in the past year.

The majority of sports leagues and teams have embraced the DFS industry. Multiple sports teams have already inked deals with the big DFS brands like DraftKings and FanDuel. For example, the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers both have partnership deals.

A lot of investment money has come into the industry as well, which should only help make DFS grow. Technology will become more advanced and the added marketing dollars will go a long way into increasing the player base and therefore prize pools.

Now all fantasy sports can be played online and the technology is always improving. DFS sites provide the best experience. Players are able to follow along live online. Data partners provide real-time statistics that allow DFS sites to update scores in real-time.

From a player’s perspective a lot has changed in fantasy sports as well. Not only have the playing fields and prize pools increased at a massive rate, but the number of fantasy sports that can be played online has increased and coverage on fantasy sports has as well.

The amount of statistics and player information available is insane. There are hundreds of fantasy sports websites that aim to help you become a better player. These days there are multiple fantasy sports television shows and segments on pre-game shows.

No matter where you look today there is talk about fantasy sports and that includes all of the big media publications. I expect that the growth in the DFS industry will continue and it won’t be that long before DFS sites are regularly running million dollar leagues.

It’s crazy to think that we’ve gone from $100 season long leagues to DFS sites paying out over $10M+ weekly in cash, but that’s now where we are. You can visit sites like DraftKings and FanDuel to play daily fantasy sports everyday of the week for big money.

Play Poker Online to Improve Your Game

Those who have played poker tournament games in a brick and mortar game room may be quite unaware of the thrill and scope of winning games on an online poker platform, that too at their own convenience and at any place they choose to play. However, though there are indeed some people who seem gifted from birth with the ability to take to a sport, be it gambling or outdoor games, it is quite unlikely that the majority of pro poker players we read about winning big cash games and enjoying publicity on various media were all talented from day one. Some admit to their having build up strategies, secret game kill plans, terror techniques for scaring a pot win and much more, while others prefer to keep their winning gamesmanship moves close to their chest – much like their cards.

However, the fact remains that like in any other hobby or professional gaming scenario, practice, practice, practice (and once more for good measure – practice) holds the key to empowering a winning run in a card game like Poker that depends a lot on precision calculation of outs and pot odds in a timely manner for accurately evaluating opponent hands and determining whether one has the odds in their favor or not. This is mainly because of experience and learning which strategies to eliminate from their game stance so as not to let the ego decide for you when to fold up and when to play on, simply because the others take an aggressive stance or because you have low risk tolerance.

There is a good chance of improving the game you play, especially if you can put in the requisite practice hours over a sustained time period, which is similar to how you learn and apply proven methods to improve your output at a new job. Plus, online poker rooms are no different from standard live games, and come with a lot more house benefits making these a fantastic financial proposition for beginners as well as advanced poker players, many of who are able to turn professional and earn an actual living out of playing their favorite card game online, anytime, anywhere!!

Apart from handsome sign up bonuses, easy and free downloads of preferred poker rooms like PokerStars and, no cost useful guides and resources that help you improve your poker game and also keep you abreast of changing rules and tips for winning particular hands, you can bank on the top online poker websites to enable you to login anytime to play a version of the game you enjoy most. Yes, that’s because there isn’t just one standard, boring poker game on the online gambling platforms but actually over fifty variations and sometimes, house special rules that are customized according to the maximum interest displayed by the majority of the account holders.

So, a reliable PC and internet connection, no fear of annoying players whose physical presence you can’t stand, lack of elbow room, the option of no cash deposit play money or real money win chances and guides for improving your poker game are just some of the benefits of playing poker online.

These include easy accessibility (convenient gaming and winning scope), quick-time decisions for one-hand actions (raises the excitement levels) and easy to read, visually represented graphics of the game on a virtual, technology aided platform that is player-chat enabled for allowing you to enjoy a healthy level of interaction with others, should you wish to do so!

Here you decide your limits, make friends, access valuable poker resources, choose various game sections and improve your poker gaming strategies through the experience of playing loads of free games offered via freerolls, free money tables or simply as a sign up bonus so you don’t need to risk cash games before you feel you are completely ready!

Mobile internet device

Mobile internet was a distant dream a few years ago and today it has become popular and has revolutionized the entire communication technology in the twenty first century. Mobile internet is like an extension of internet on mobile phones and allows users to get access to the internet anywhere they go. High speed internet has also been realized on the mobile devices. This has made phones become high speed internet devices. Today mobile internet is not only used to access the internet it has other functions.

Telecommunication companies saw the need of internet by many users and after inventing Notebooks, Smartphone’s, laptops, plus many other devices which were described as high speed internet devices that were termed as high speed internet devices, there was a need of having internet in small gadgets that were already being used in the market and that is the mobile phones. People needed something lighter in weight, something that they could use while they were on the move.

With the amount of technology that has been achieved in sophisticated software’s, Hardware designs and wireless technology, our methods of communication have greatly improved. In the past few years, the use of cell phones has dramatically increased and the way people communicate has changed too. People are always on the move today and the best way to keep in touch is through mobile internet. With the high speed internet devices, cell-phones that support different functions, people are using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mobile broadband is the next technology evolution that has changed the way people communicate. With the help of the broadband technology most people can now use their computers to receive and send emails, surf the internet regardless of where they are. This new technology works the same way the mobile works. The major concern is the waves and radio frequencies. Cell phones send data packets back and forth via radio waves. For broadband technology the data packets can be like music files, streaming videos, e-mails and web pages.

Mobile broad band is known to be a third world generation also abbreviated as 3G. There are two main technologies used to operate cell-phones. GSM and CDMA. CDMA is popular in the US and the other in Europe and Asia. Both of this technologies have their 3G system both allow high speed internet on mobile devices. Most people prefer watching videos, listening music, receiving and sending emails and communication and for this to be possible they require broadband technology or internet. With a vast array of population hooked up to this technology, there is no doubt that the development is still going on.

The high speed internet devices have also changed the way people carry out their work. The evolving mobile and wireless broad band enables some people to carry out their businesses through their phones. Today the internet can go with you wherever you go. The super fast internet you can also use it in WiMAX or PC mobile devices. You can also get broad band services in your home.

Trend of internet connection Devices

There is still some minority of people that have not yet owned a PC despite the spread of the use of computer. Some of them view a PC as a device that is too complicated for them to handle while some cannot afford to have one. Some of these people like e-mailing and surfing the internet most of their times without the complications that they have to know about a PC. Over the past few years, manufacturers have developed several products specifically for such people.

People that have been using the computer quite for some times and have been browsing would remember their first devices to access the internet. The first device is probably an external Modem. You had to enter the password and username to be connected to the internet, and a telephone line was used in your PC to get your connections. The speed of the internet was probably 56 kbps and this depended on the quality of your modem. After this technology, their came modems that were internally fixed to your computer. This modems did not increase the speed of your internet, they just saved space.

ISDN modems then came which had a speed of up to 128 Kbps. It allowed two-way images, data and voice by using 2 independent channels. At the same time their came ADSL that is Asynchronous digital subscriber line. It became popular more than the ISDN among access internet devices. Compared to the ISDN, the speed was a bit higher of about 256, 512 kbps and 1 and 2 mbps. You required a telephone line for you to be able to connect.

With such great speeds, high speed internet devices started to immerge. Companies started developing Broadband devices. Broadband can actually be defined as having download speed of at least 256 kbps or another company known as federal communication commission in the United States defines broadband as having data transmission speed of 768 kbps or more. The trend of high speed internet devices continued to grow as the market place continued to look for faster services.

Wireless technology like Wi-Max and Wi-Fi were riding the ADSL wave, this technology was greatly picking up in homes. This type of wireless technology lets a person use a broadband connection in many computers, without having the computers being physically connected to the ADSL modem. This made ADSL modems more acceptable in offices and homes today.

In the current market we also have high speed internet devices that can be connected to USB ports in your computer. The first technology on this had a speed of around 144 kbps, but this speeds increased with the current USB modems that we are currently using which have a speed up to 3mbps. Another important device that I have failed to mention is the cable modems. This kind of device uses a cable TV connection to give you access to the internet. By using a cable modem, you are guaranteed of receiving speeds over 2mbps or poor speeds and this will totally depend on the number of subscribers using this kind of technology to get access to the internet at some point in time.

Selecting the best internet devices

When people think of accessing the internet, what comes in their mind is using a wireless laptop or a smart phone. Some would think of going to a cyber to get access to the internet. While the laptop and Smartphone may work remotely, they are not the only devices that can be used to get access to the internet. There is an increasing group of devices and that is portable internet devices that combine functionalities of computers with the portability of Smartphone’s. Some of these devices include Mobile internet devices and ultra mobile personal computers. These devices are light in weight at the same time smart as a Smartphone and they make the access to the internet be cheaper, faster and easier.

In the current world the use of mobile devices to gain access to the internet is in the rise. Companies have positively responded to the interests of consumers in accessing information from high speed internet devices such as the mobile phone. Some companies have even come up with an online booking tool that has been designed to be used by devices such as PDAs, UMPCs and Smartphone’s. Some of the questions that you might ask yourself when it comes to high speed internet devices is how do you choose the best device? First we have to look at the devices that are available.

Internet devices can be grouped into different ways. The first thing you might consider is their functionality and their form, another way of looking at them is to determine the type of internet technologies which they use. Using a portable website device, it is a device which operates in a long, medium or short range. Using technologies such as RFDI or Bluetooth, an internet device is able to get connections within a range of one hundred feet. long range technologies such as MIT-2000. WiMAX or other devices allows connection to the internet with in a range of one hundred and fifty miles. With medium range technologies, such as the Wi-Fi it allows a distance of five hundred feet from the hot spot.

Pcs and UMPCs may rely on Wi-Fi technology in the past; the move now is using high speed devices that take advantage of technology such as WiMAX. By looking at functionality of internet devices, there are some that run windows while others use MIDs. There is a rising popularity in toys and tools with internet devices that is expected to grow in due time. Since MIDs are aimed at consumers they are expected to lead the way.

The two types can have WiMAX or Wi-Fi technology and in case we have a processor from Intel (Montevina processor) one device will have both technologies. MIDs and UMPCs offer applications ranging from IM, e-Mail, Video and Photo exchange, and GPS systems for navigation. There are other advanced systems that are currently being developed and this includes medical monitoring. High speed internet devices also come in different forms. We can have Notebooks, Tablets or sliders. While there are quite a variety of these devices, many more are still being developed.

Tools Needed to Play Poker Online / High Speed Internet

Playing poker online is an excellent way to play poker, maybe win a little money and not worry about the expense of traveling to and from a real world casino. Many professional poker players play online poker to help them practice for upcoming tournaments.

There are several tools a person needs in order to be successful while playing online poker.

High Speed Internet

Anybody can play poker online, providing they have a high speed internet connection and reliable computer. Without high speed internet, a person shouldn’t even try to play online poker. Online poker is fast, waiting for a page to load can make it difficult to know what other players are doing and makes it difficult to play a good game. A high speed internet connection provides a person with everything they need to play a smart game. In addition to making sure that their internet connection is high speed, the poker player also needs to be confident that their internet connection is reliable. There is no point playing online if the internet is going to disconnect every five minutes.

The two best types of internet connections for playing online poker are DSL and cable internet. Most poker players prefer to use cable internet because the service is usually more reliable and also because the internet is quite a bit faster than DSL.

A Pre-Paid Credit Card

Playing online poker should be fun and that isn’t possible if you are about to lose everything because you gambled it away. Before a person even turns on their computer, they need to know exactly how much they can afford to lose. The best way to make sure a person doesn’t lose more than they can afford is to purchase a pre-paid credit card, and to make sure that it is the only card they use when playing online poker. Experts recommend that the person keeps the rest of their credit cards far away from the computer while they are playing online poker. The act of getting up to retrieve a credit card will at least force the person to confront and hopefully rethink going over their allotted gambling budget.

A Working Knowledge of How Poker Works

Until a person knows how to play poker, they are probably going to lose more money than they will win. Although there is some luck to winning poker, the good players, the ones who consistently win, understand that poker is mostly about strategy. Poker isn’t an easy game to learn. Not only does the successful player know all the different hands, they also know about different betting strategies and the rules of the game. A good poker player also knows how to manipulate the rules to their advantage. The best way to get comfortable with the in and outs of the poker game is to take advantage of the poker playing software and play against the computer. Playing against the computer allows the person to learn the in and outs of the game without having to worry about frustrating their opponent.

Is Card Counting Cheating? Depends Whom You Ask

What is Card Counting?

For those unfamiliar with the term, card counting is a controversial technique used by players in blackjack. The player observes cards and starts calculating the ratio of high cards to low cards. It is not overly difficult to learn, and one can easily find instructions for it on the Internet. Some card counters hang around watching a game, then jump in at the most advantageous time.

Why the Fuss?

Casinos tend to discourage card counting because of the huge advantage it gives to players who know how to use it. Many blackjack dealers are trained to spot signs that player is using card counting. It is actively discouraged. And yet, being a technique, there are reasons for players to argue that they should not be penalized simply for using their abilities.

For an interesting illustration of the ambiguous place card counting holds in the gambling world, see the charming romantic movie Passionada. The movie centers on a down-on-his luck gambler who specializes in card counting. Another major character is Vicky Amonte, the spunky young woman played by Emmy Rossum, who decides to learn to become a card counter. This shows some daring and mischievousness on her part, but her behavior does not cross the line into crazy, full-blown recklessness. This is because she risks getting into trouble, but her real offense is underage gambling rather than card counting.

What Do Casinos Do to Card Counters?

Well, the answer to this question can depend on whether or not you card count mentally, or with the help of technology. Let us take the state of Nevada as an example. Here, card counting in your head is legal. However, using a cell phone application for the same purpose was recently declared illegal under state law.

Then again, it is still possible for casinos to take measures against “mental” card counters. You may be taken out of the casino and/or blacklisted if caught. If it is not illegal, why can the casino still throw you off the premises? Well, this is because the casino grounds are private property. The management would be completely in their rights to ask you to leave, or even to ban you from the premises altogether.

Of course, there are also milder measures ensured to stop card counters in their tracks, or prevent card counting from happening at all. In many casinos, players are not allowed to “jump into” play mid-game. Furthermore, dealers are likely to try to break the focus of suspected card counters by (seemingly) casually chatting to them. Additional measures include shuffling the cards mid-game, or adjusting the betting scheme of the game.

All in all, internet blackjack card counting remains a very controversial technique. The practical advantage it offers, and also its “naughty” or “rebellious” image, both encourage people to research and learn it. Then again, casinos are doing their best to discourage it and stamp it out. On many counts, the debate on card counting appears to be a stalemate. However, the recent developments in Nevada imply that everyone involved should keep their eyes open for more changes.

Reaching Out to Help: Casinos and Problem Gamblers

The phenomenon of problem gambling constitutes a PR headache for many people who own and run casinos. For whatever reason, many casinos—both online and offline—are trying to help people who are (or suspect they might be) problem gamblers. This article examines some of the initiatives.

Internet Casinos

Many internet casinos have a page devoted to Responsible Gaming. This page sets out the major principles of the philosophy. At the very least, this page usually will contain useful information and links, as well as a questionnaire to help indicate whether or not one’s gambling behavior is indeed problematic. In some cases, this page may publicize the casino’s self-exclusion option. Players can contact casino staff and ask to have their accounts locked, if they feel that they are unable to control their behavior without somebody else’s help. The software in some casinos may actually have some limitations placed on the financial actions of all players, whether they request it or not. For example, there may be a cap on the amount of money you deposit in your site account per month. Underage gambling is also a concern under Responsible Gaming principles. Underage players (usually considered to comprise those under 18 and/or whoever is not of age in his or her area) are not allowed to play at sites that believe in Responsible Gaming. Advice is also offered to concerned parents to ensure that their children are not gambling. Of course, the casinos themselves cannot be relied upon to actually furnish therapy, since they are not the experts in the field. It makes a lot more sense for them to help people control their habits through restriction, or to point the way to organizations that might offer support.

Offline Casinos

Casinos are not famous for reaching out to help problem gamblers. However, there are instances of them helping indirectly, via investing in efforts to combat pathological gambling. The new Problem Gambling Hospital in Soho, London, is one such example. The hospital is funded by “the gaming industry,” so the casino itself cannot be accused of “taking” people’s tax money.

The hospital has many interesting features. Firstly, not only does it help the gamblers themselves, it offers therapy to their families as well. After all, one person’s gambling addiction (as with other addictions) does affect the family, emotionally as well as financially. At the time the hospital was built, it was mainly for outpatients, but there were also plans to try to get in-patient facilities. These would be for the extreme cases, wherein debts and other gambling-related problems have driven patients to want to attempt suicide.

Voluntary exclusion programs are found in brick-and-mortar casinos too, not just in online casinos. The way it works is that you sign up, and from then on, you are basically banned from the internet video poker casino. If you enter it, you will be arrested. A similar feature—albeit milder—is found in government lottery programs. If you sign up, you cannot take out your winnings, even if your number is picked, so buying heavily into the lottery is just pointless. (Of course, some people do find ways to circumvent this, such as buying by proxy.)

Can cards throw you off your game?

You probably read the title of that and thought, “Of course, a string of bad cards is all I need to jolt my concentration. It happens all the time.”

Well let me clarify, I’m not talking about the value of the Full Tilt Poker cards in your hand, I’m talking about the actual, physical cards themselves. Something often overlooked but a potential factor in playing with a player’s mind all the same.

What’s your brand? Most poker players are used to Bee. I know I am. It’s second-nature, you don’t even think about it. But what if a casino (either one you’re just trying out or one you’ve made a name for yourself at) breaks out a different brand, with a different feel to it? Ever heard of Carta Munti? Neither had I. You wouldn’t have even needed to see it written to tell the difference, though. These cards were light and thin, almost like printing paper. They felt awkward in my hand, and for a little while, I could concentrate on little else, putting me at a distinct disadvantage to those who were used to them already.

I mention this as a poker issue, because in blackjack you’re not touching your cards at all, but in poker you have to hold them, and arranging them (and how much time you take) is all part of the strategy.

This will sound vain to some, but I much prefer red decks to blue when I’m playing on Full Tilt, too. Just one of those superstitions I’m sure many poker players have (just like any other professional “sport”). If I had the option, I’d play red decks all day. Sometimes casinos throw a green deck in there, and I make due.

Going back to the deck stacks of different brands, though, there is one valuable observation to take away from understanding the differences, and that’s stack height. And this does pertain to blackjack. If you’re into deck estimation or shuffle tracking, seeing six to eight decks of a much thinner brand stacked will play tricks on you if you’re used to a Bee deck that’s much thicker. When you get to eight decks, we’re talking about half a deck difference in thickness.

Of course, the casinos have a reason for doing this, and it comes down to quality. These brands (including Gemaco) are often of much higher quality and durability that the tried and true but extremely markable Bee variety.

Poker: Single-table tournament strategy

The last stage of rounds in a single-table tournament are usually known as “in the money.” This means all those still alive have gotten to the point where they’re going to walk out with more than they put in regardless of where they finish. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how much drive you have to be the ultimate winner. If you’re just trying to grind out a positive outcome and let your guard down, it’ll be easier for a hungrier player to swallow up the rest of your chips and lead you to an earlier exit than you were prepared for.

However, if you’re on the other side of that download fence, now’s the time for you to explode with aggressiveness. Don’t play stupid, but no longer are you going to sit back like you did in the first rounds. The blinds are going to force many of your opponents hands to decisions they don’t want to make, especially if they’re the ones short-stacked, so take the opportunity to lean on them even harder. If they don’t have much left, their either going to lose out or double up a small amount, which won’t hurt your chip stack enough for it not to be worth pressing them in the first place.

So go with that plan as a sound strategy. If you’re calling, you should be raising, you know the saying. The goal is to keep the pressure on those with fewer chips than you. Don’t let them limp in. Don’t let them keep their big or small blinds. If you sense it’s someone who avoids initiating the bets, put him to the decision every time. Players that are allowed to coast and catch will do it if that’s their comfort zone regardless of how deep into a tournament they are.

When you get down to the last two Full Tilt players (assuming you’re one of them), make that major move at the first sight of a power hand. Ace whatever, King whatever…make that play. The odds will be dramatically in your favor.

Of course, there’s always having to account for that one bad beat, but those will happen no matter what you’re doylesroom strategy is. Trust me, you’ll kick yourself that much more for letting someone limp in each hand when it counts the most and walk away with an unearned second place than you would for taking a chance when you had the cards and getting beat by better cards. That’s just poker.

Strategies for No Limit Texas HoldEm Tournaments

Playing poker online or in casino is very different from tournaments. Generally, some of the most popular tournaments are No Limit Texas Hold’Em and the format of these tournaments make it all the more difficult to win in comparison to winning casino poker. Given below are a few strategies which you can use during the different stages of the tournament.

Strategies for the Early Stages

During the early stages of the tournaments, such as the World Poker Tour, the focus should be on getting a strong position in the tournament by building up the stack. The best strategy to adopt at this point is by playing solid and patient game. At the beginning of the tournament, the size of the antes and blinds would not really have a major impact on the stack. For this reason you should wait for the right hand and then make the most of it. It is advisable not to play risky game during the early stages of the tournament.

Strategies During the Middle Stages

During the middle stages of the tournament you would have to pick up the speed and play aggressively. The stakes would be rising and the chips would get drained away if you do not get right into the action. At this stage you would have to take more risks. If you have opponents who loosen up at this stage you should play conservatively.

Strategies in the Last Stages

Only those who have managed to increase the size of their stack would have managed to get to the last stage of the tournament. When the prize is just a few places away you should pick up your speed again if you have a medium size stack. However, if you already have a huge stack, greater than most of your opponents you should just play passively and watch as the other players get knocked out. In most cases it is wise to only against players who have smaller stacks since they would be the ones who would be afraid of getting knocked out of the game. Unless you have a very strong hand you should stay clear of opponents with large stacks.

If the tournament is coming closer to the end and if you still have a small stack then you would need to take risks. You would not have the time at this stage to wait for a strong hand. You would have to get involved in the action otherwise the larger stack players would bully you and your stack size will keep diminishing. The best thing to do would be to play aggressively at this point of the tournament. This would mean that you should bet and raise instead of calling and if at all you have a strong hand you would have to make the most of it.

Tournament playing is quite different than playing poker in casinos and for that reason you would need to have a different game plan and would have to use different strategies to win.

Know Your Opponent While Playing Poker Games Online

The main disadvantage when you play online poker is that it’s more difficult to read opponents. However, there are a few basic tells that you can use for online play. A “tell” is mainly a thing or pattern which an opponent will do that give hints as to what type of hand he or she has. This is a very main factor, as it can help you decide whether or not your opponent really has that third Ace, or if they’re just bluffing. You can find more information at

When a player goes on tilt, they are basically permitting their emotions to get the best of them. Going on tilt is simply when a player starts betting on poor hands, and just playing badly in general. This generally happens after that player has taken a few losses and is now just glumly playing along with a losing mentality. There is no place for emotions in poker, whether it’s online or offline. If you let emotions take control, your game will reduce to the point where you’re just throwing money away. Good ways to tell if someone is on tilt is if they begin showing their losing hands, as if to say “I had a great hand until you got lucky on the river, I just can’t catch a break”.

If a player is taking more time to decide, especially in no-limit or pot-limit games, it usually means that he or she has a marginal hand and is not sure whether or not they should bet on it. However, if they take a while to decide and then they bet, it usually means they have a good hand and were simply trying to deceive you, or they were deciding what amount they should bet. In short, if they call after a delay, they usually have a weaker hand, or most likely some sort of a draw. If they raise or bet, however, they probably have a good hand, or else they’re being very bold and trying to bluff you.

Online poker rooms such as PlaySolidPoker Italia allow you to use things called “auto-buttons”. Basically, this allows you to check what you want to do before it’s your turn in the betting round. Avoid using these as they don’t give you much of a benefit, but they may be a tell to your opponents or you may click the wrong thing and wind up folding a good hand. However, if another player uses them, it can be a great way to tell how strong their hand is.

If everybody either checking or calling, and somebody near the end of the betting round (or the very end) raises, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she has a good hand. It could be an attempt to steal the pot. You will need to decide for yourself, but if you think that is what the player’s doing, try raising him back. If he calls, you will know he isn’t quite as confident in the strength of his hand as he’d led you to believe. If we know our opponents mentality and the cards they have we can win easily by the methods mentioned above.

Basic Information about High Speed Modems

The term high speed cable shouldn’t be an unfamiliar one, it seems like every other commercial that plays on television or radio is promoting a different high speed internet cable company. Just because the term is familiar, doesn’t mean that everyone completely understand what high speed cable is or how to get it.

How the High Speed Modem Works

The term high speed cable refers to a type of specialized service that allows a customer to get their cable television and their high speed internet from the same source. The feat is made possible with the help of a coaxial modem. If you are a cable customer, you should already be familiar with the coaxial modem. It is the same thing that has been providing your cable signal for years.

The reason that cable companies are able to provide both cable and internet is because the coaxial cable/modem is designed to store large quantities of data. Inside the high speed modem there is a device called tuner which receives the internet signal, separating it from the cable signal. The tuner beams the internet signal to another part of the modem called the demodulator which converts the signal and transfers the data to a format your computer understands. The same process happens in reverse when you are sending information from your computer.

The Perks of the High Speed Modem

Even though the cost of getting your internet through a high speed modem is usually a little more expensive than other types of internet service, most customers feel that the additional cost is worth while. The biggest advantage to cable internet is that it doesn’t rely on a land line telephone. Not only does this mean that you no longer have to worry about missing calls, you also don’t have to worry you are missing an important call. The second advantage to using a high speed modem is that the data is sent to your computer at high speed, the days of sitting around waiting for a page to load will be nothing more than a distant memory.

How Much Does a High Speed Cable Modem Cost?

One of the biggest reasons people baulk when it comes to getting a high speed cable modem is the cost. A quick scan of internet providers quickly shows that the average cost of a high speed cable modem can be as much as $350. When compared to the fact that the same item (which was actually inferior) was approximately $20100, $350 seems reasonable, but during these tough economic times an extra $350 can be hard come by. Most of us don’t realize that we probably won’t have to purchase a high speed modem at all, most internet companies have deals where customers can rent the modem, often for as little as $10 a month. Other companies factor the price of the modem into your monthly internet bill and will give you a modem as part of your internet package.